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Car lettering: a positive return on your investment!

It is proven! Car lettering is the least expansive advertising option.

cos per 1000 impressions_1000px-01.png

A rolling ad for your business: A MUST HAVE!

New market studies found dans car wrapping and lettering is the least expansive form of advertising based on the number of impressions. Facebook and Google as well as a well optimized website are also very important for a business, but these options can be expansive.


Paid advertising on social media and search engines can add up quickly just like a TV commercial.


If we take into consideration that the cost of a car wrap varies between $500 to $4000, the average cost is approximately $0.77 per 1000 views.


Car wraps also offer a nice protection for your vehicle, brand recognition and a professional touch to your business. Adding a nice car wrap and lettering on your vehicle will create an impact and bring you results.


Be proud, show your colors!


To get a free quote, contact 360 AutoWrap today!

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